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      Teenage heartbreak


I was too young for entering a relationship. But that's what i like. On my age of 16, I had 4 boyfriends already. 2 of them are serious relationship. But this guy, the last one i had, i met him 25th of march, 2007. My former schoolmate introduce him to me. He was so cute and that night, i had a crush on him i think. Because he's so nice and my friends told me that he has a crush on me too so they introduce him to me. We started texting and "the getting to know each other" factor!! So we had a relationship, he's so sweet. Almost everyday, we met at our subdivision. I'm happy being with him. That time, i think he's the one. But the night he broke up with me, my world turns down, miserable. Because i don't know the whole story of that broke up. I never do anything but to ask him how he feel about me and suddenly end up our relatioship. I always thinking of him. I really love him. Everyday of my life he's always on my mind. I really love him. Then, This year, 2008. March 02. We started texting each other again, I don't know that he's my Katext that time, i told to my textmate that i still love him, that guy, and i was suprise that it was him.

He ask me out and i agree. He told me that he still love me too and i'm so happy for that and asking me to come back and put a commitment between us, so i agry.

But all of the sudden, after 4 days, he fool me. All he said was a lie. "Ginawa niya lang daw un para magalit ako sa kanya ng sobra-sobra at wag ko na siyang mahalin pa".

But i was just hurt. Really hurt, I don't know what to do, as of now, he's my only love. Eventhough i send to the hospital because of that insidence, i still love him. I want to forget him but i don't know why..

What should i do??

help me...


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