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      Love of my life


We first met in our school canteen. She did not even know me. But i got to know her no through i friend of mine. We started doing the usual stuff like messaging each other and chatting in MSN.


I got to know her better. She lived near me and we both loved to hit the movie theater when bored.


At first i wanted to know her just to have a girl friend by my side. She too had the same notion. After a few dates to the movies, i asked her to be my girl friend. She agreed and that we how we started.


We became very close and both of us were very honest to each other. We made it a habit to talk to each other every day. Slowly i told her about my past and habits. She told me that she would accept my everything.


As time passed, i realized that i truly was in love with her. I changed slightly to suit her needs and loved her the way she was no matter what people said about her. I believed she loved me deeply too. We had many arguments but were all resolved. These arguments instead made us closer and i got to know her needs and wants even better.


One day, we are an argument and when i sent her home, we stopped at the playground under her house to thrash things out. She told me she was attracted to another guy. Upon hearing it, i was devastated. I thought we had come to an end.


The following few days we talked at the same playground and at last we manage to salvage the situation. She told me that she was just attracted to the guy and would never allow him to touch her. But she continued to MSN and talking to the guy. She constantly assured me that they would just friends. Till today they at in contact. But i knew she loved me from the bottom of her heart and i will wait till the day when we get married. I love her too much to leave her.




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