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      One true love..


There was a night back in 2000 when I met a girl at a a club. We chatted and danced ended the night with maybe I will see you here next weekend. At that time in my life I was far from wanting a relationship. I had just ended a 7 year relationship only a year prior. That next weekend came and went and I did not return to the club as planned. I actually did not go out to that club for another couple months. January 2001 had a few friends call and want to go out so I agreed. That night on my way to the restroom I bumped into the girl from a few months ago. The first things she said was you do not remember me. I said I do remember you I am sorry I just forgot your name. She thought I was feeding her a line and said you really do not remember me. When I was able to tell her everything she was wearing that night she came to realize I did indeed remember her. To this day I remember what she was wearing that night. We spent the rest of the night hanging out and talking and agreed to go out to dinner the next night. As she was giving me her phone number she said I have to tell you something. She then proceeds to tell me that she is a police officer. My reply to that was the last time I checked I was not a drug dealer or a murderer so I guess we are ok. Most my friends thought I was crazy since she was not the normal type for me. I was regretably so very superficail at that point in my life. The next night we met for dinner and then sat an talked until four in the morning. I was amazed out how she took my breathe away. Never before in my life had I ever felt something so intense. As weeks went on we continued to date and it was wonderful. The first time we were intimate it gave me butterflies in my stomach for days. The term weak in the knee's really does happen. Most of the people in my life including my best friend was amazed with what this relationship meant to me. We continued to have a relationship for the next 2 years. Never once did I ever question the relationship or want anyone else. I was always told we were so much fun to be around and that is the way it really was. I even had the knick name shmoopie. I have no idea where that came from but I loved it. For a few reasons things did not work out. We tried to remain friends but for some reason if I was doing ok she would get nasty to me. I still can not understand how you can go on and never want to speak. How you can just turn your back on an amazing love. It has been over 5 years since we went our seperate ways and I still feel the passion for her just like it was yesterday. There have been other relationships but none that make me feel that way. I did things for her I could never have imagined doing for anyone. I also became a better person from that relationship. Now I feel as if I am settling if my new relationship is not as intense. Will I ever feel that amazing feeling again???????????










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