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      I don't need a man to complete me !


After losing someone i adored, in 2007 i was quite hurt. I didn't think i could go on with my life. Every other guy was just an enemy to me, and i hated all of them. I didn't want anything to with guys anymore. I was waiting for my life to be over. I didn't want to commit suicide though. 


Until, I met my other ex. Wow.. with him it seemed like everything was right. I thought he fully understood me because that's exactly what i wanted. I thought he was the one. The one who would stay with me and help me all the way till the end.


But once again I was wrong. Everything was going great until i started having big problems with practically everyone around me and especially my mom. I tried to not change. I told him that even if the fights affected me, they won't affect my feelings for him and that i will love him forever. And honestly he was the one would always say please don't leave me and i can't live without you and all that crap.


Time passed, but i continued to suffer. The fights i had with him because he claims that i've changed were continuous and endless. He said i couldn't keep my word. I tried to prove him wrong. If only he would know how much i had to go through just to get to talk to him each day. Anyway, i would always accept the blame and apologize.


Then came a time when he would ask me why i'm always ignoring him, though that never happened because i never ignored him. NEVER!! He claimed that i stopped calling him and that he's the one who's actually trying so hard to make our relationship work and i'm not doing anything. I ignored all that along with the fact that he once asked me whether there was another guy in my life or he was the only one.


Next, he asked me why i changed my email. But i don't know what he was talking about because i never changed it. So, i got really annoyed and i told him we should stop talking for a while because i didn't want to break up with him. He said he was really sorry and that he just missed me. Then 2 hours later, he was like it's over. Ironic, isn't it ?


Well, i didn't really get hurt. I just kept thinking that it was his loss until he begged me back and that was when i knew for sure that i didn't lose anything. In fact, i gained. I learned that i don't need a man to complete me !!


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