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      I will always love him


it's been 6 years already.. i've known him since grade 3 and i can still remember sitting with him for lunch and we talked like we knew each other for a long time. but that, was then.. time passes and people change.

since grade 3, i've been in his class every year, other than grade 4. we stopped talking to each other after we've been separated into different classes in grade 4. then came grade 6. i remember that i was the one sitting beside him and our chairs always collided into each other. by the end of the year, we started talking to each other more and we hung out with each other at recess. that year, i also found out that his best friend was crushing on me, though i never returned those same feelings back to him.

the summer went by and i was in his class again in grade 7. we talked to each other on msn all the time and at school. the more we talked, the better friends we became. we started to become so close that we were enemies, we competed over every little thing that we did and it was up to a point where we were really tight, really close. like i could tell him anything and he would be there to listen. we were really good friends throughout grade 7 and the year was coming to an end and i realized that i really liked him, i started crushing on him. one of my best friends also knew that i was crushing on him.

every year at school, we had a grade trip to a water park, where we wet each other and get back at all the people that we wanted to get. the day before that was our 'end of the year' dance. that day, my other best friend started going out with another one of my guy friends and i was really happy for them.

that night on msn, my best friend told the guy that i liked him. and suprisingliy, my friend told me that he's had the same feelings for me ever since grade 5. i read the conversation that they had and told him how much he meant to me. and then.. we started going out.

on the second day back at school in grade 8, he broke up with me after school because he thought that he wasn't the right one for me. after that day , we hardly ever talk to each other anymore. and it really hurt me knowing that i lost a good friend just because of something that happened in the past.

it's almost been a year already.. i will never forget that summer, summer07 [ june242007-september052007 ] i wrote a note on facebook, saying how much he hurt me and that i will never forget, that i will always remember him was the friend that i loved, and how much i missed him now.

i think that he read that note, and wrote a note himself. he told me he was sorry for the pain he caused me and that he left me go because he thought that he was not the right one for me. but deep down in my heart, he was the one, the one that every other girl talks about, and i was lucky to have found him. however, time goes by and only fate will decide. but, i think that we were meant to be.

if you ever read this, i just want to let you know, you are the one i loved, the one i am loving, and the one that i will always love.

only you and i will understand this and you will finally understand how i feel once you read this ... kaboom , foreverandalways ..


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