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      Trust Is Good but Not to Trust Is Better


I have met someone that I thought that he was really different from other guy, I do have big expectations from him that he will love me faithfully. We are about 7 years with our relationship, we both passed all those trials, and that's I'm thankful that he is still there for me. I do really love him with all of my heart and never think to do anything bad against our relationship or can make our relationship be broken because I do really thought that he feel the same way too.


But all my expectations and thought was wrong, until one day just last month, I found out that she is cheating with me, he was dating someone when I was gone for a week, it was so hurt to knew all about it, I cannot accept what I have discover, he dated that girl just for 3 days and he accept his mistakes and asking forgiveness to me and he said that he just tried that because he really want to know if we are really meant for each other but even how tried to forget and forgive him but still the pain really stock in my heart and I don't know how can I able to accept that unexpected things that I never thought he can do it for me. Until now, I'm crying and hoping that I can able to forget and can able to move on. I know he loves me but I'm not sure if he is still loves me truly and my feelings to him have changed and still have doubt. That's why I do really believed that trusting someone is good but its much better not to trust.


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