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      Taking the Blame


I remember the first day I met him. 7th grade. Language Arts. I sat next to him in first period. He was someone I never thought I would fall for. He was somewhat taller than me (which isn't very tall) and he had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He was sweet and I remember so much that happened between us. He sat next to me in L.A and he was left handed and I am right and he sat on the right side of me. I get chills just thinking bout his touch. He was sweet and he instantly became my friend. When I started to like another boy he kept quiet bout it and didn't tell a soul. I trusted him with all my heart. I didn't know it but then he liked me and yet he still kept his mouth shut. I started to like him eventually and he found out. We went out. For 3 days. He wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the year. He hated the guts out of me. He would barely look at me and if he did it was to give me a dirty look. We went out twice again. One in the summer and the next in the middle of 8th grade. He hates me again. He just is different. And he doesn't understand that I don't want to lose him. He text me once and called me something out of his mind that stung like a thousand needles. He is mean to everyone now and I can't help but just blame myself. I miss him. The old him. I just want him back.




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