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      She is elder than me!!!


I'm in the first year in the university and she is in the fourth and she is elder than me with 1.5 years !!!


i knew her for about 2 years, we were always good friends just friends i never thought i may love here in the future. days later i was travelling for exams for 1 month, she was calling me every day and every hour and i saw in her voice somethings i have never saw before, i felt in love, a crazy love, althought i know her bad things in her character - just like everybody, no one perfect- but i accept these bad things but more over i love them. As I beieve that god created us and made no one like the other, there is no another copy from any character, so i went and told her:"i love u, and wish to mary u", she became surprised and told me that she is elder and if she agreed her parents won't. i told her that i understand every thing and just wanted to tell u but don't be angry or even decrease ur friendship degree.


we are now dealing in a group form with our all friends... BUT IAM NOT STUPID i feel from her that she is sometimes loves me and some other times she is confused. not only me who feel these but also my close friend too. i don't know what to do althought iam ready to hear one near day that she got engaged! iam not afraid from this sitiuation because iam happy when she is happy but what iam afraid from is what to do after she get engaged?? i don't know what to do after her, how could my life will be without her???!!!

and also afraid that her parents may persuate her to marry some one she don't like, how should she live with him...





with love

Beshoy Magdy



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