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      Love is pain


I am love with a man that doesnít even know I exist. I started a new job in a law firm in April of 2001. I was acquainted with him because he worked there also. Then, we started getting closer each day. We used to spend our lunch hour together almost everyday for about 4 months straight. We became really good friends. He was the first guy I really let get to know the real me. I realized though that all he saw me as was a good friend. Finally one day, I got tired of pretending so I told him how I felt. My fears came true. He said that all he saw me as was a good friend. This broke my heart. He made me promise that I would not stop being friends with him, and that everything would remain the same. Even though it hurt deeply, I kept to my word. Then things got worse. I had gotten so attached to him that when I was let go from my job, it killed me. This meant that I would probably never see him again. I was so depressed that I stopped caring about everything. It was, and probably will be one of the worst moments of my life. The fact of the matter was, even if he wasnít in love with me, I could still see him everyday, and maybe one day he would realize that he was in love with me. But of course life doesnít work that way. So now I wouldnít be working there anymore, and he would soon forget about me. Of course he promised to call and he did, but slowly those calls stopped. Now all I have left are those memories that made me fall for him in the first place, the long talks we used to have, the things we shared, the laughs, the cries and everything in between. They may not have meant much to him, but they meant the world to me. Do I miss him? Dearly. Does it hurt? Dreadfully. Will I move on? Of course. I am not fully over him, but each day that passes gets easier and I donít think about him as much. Eventually the moments we shared will just be a vague memory for the both of us.

My advice to all you people who has someone that you love and loves you in return, hold on to them and cherish them. Make most of all the good times and donít dwell over the bad ones. And most of all, donít end up like me. Donít let yourself fall in love with someone that you know only sees you as a friend, because it is not worth it. You will only end up getting hurt.

By: Heartbroken Girl


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