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      The hope for love is always strong, but not always capable


About 7 months ago I was in a horrific car accident and had been in a very serious relationship with my boyfriend. At the time we were both 26 and had seriously been thinking of finally sealing our relationship with marriage. I was sure he was the one.... the only problem with that is towards the 3rd year of our relationship I started to notice he was drinking very heavily, I mean we both liked to have a good time and we both liked to go out on the weekends to a club or a bar and get drunk but my party ended Sunday night his party was non stop. At first I just thought he was still a little immature and had to get his college dorm party days out of his system. Instead the drinking continued as well as our arguing and disappointment. I lost all of my respect for him as he also lost his respect for me. He was flirting with other girls, making embarrassing comments in front of my family at parties, treating my sister and her boyfriend like enemies and just keeping me cooped up in his tiny apartment cooking and cleaning for him like I was his mother! I too after too long became withdrawn I shut my family out and just hung around him.... I was petrified if any one knew how unhappy I was people would try to make me break it off with him and he told me if I left him he would hurt himself or possibly kill himself. I was beside myself with confusion, anger, hurt, and I missed being loved. Everything we did in the beginning of the relationship was beautiful we were getting in trouble together, sharing intimate secrets with one another, and we made incredible love. I would catch myself thinking of him in the middle of the work day and not being able to wait to get out of there just so I could kiss his lips and lay against him. He was my knight and shinning Armour and for sure we both had tough situations going on at home, but my tough situations were different then his. I have the most loving family in the world we had just lost everything we ever worked for like our huge house our cars and our lives. My ex boyfriends parents were abusive, mean, and -supportive of their only son and it affected him immensely in every area of his life. Unfortunately and eventually his past and his family life carried over to our relationship he was verbally abusive at time, (which I would not stand for so we would end up fighting for hours on end) His drinking had take its toll on me and the love as well as the love making was gone and not to come back. So before I could end the relationship he left on a business trip and I went out for the weekend with some of my girlfriends, and unfortunately I was in a horrific car accident. I almost died, literally.... I broke my eye sockets, my nose, my cheekbones, my jaw, my two front teeth were knocked out, the bone came through my left arm, I broke both of my hips my pelvis, I lacerated my liver and my bladder exploded I shifted my spine, the femur came through my left thigh and I broke my left ankle, the doctors had told my parents that no one with these injuries have ever survived so I had little to no hope not to mention I lost more than half of the blood in my body, the couldn't get the engine off my lap or the windshield off my face, but somehow three strangers saved my life and here I am today but my boyfriend the jerk, through the entire thing all he cared about was himself. He was mad that the car was busted, he was mad b/c we couldn't be intimate together (ew that made me sick to my stomach when he said that) he was mad that the apartment would be dirty without me and there would be no one to cook and help out with the rent(and I didn't even live there!) Well that was the final straw, after I awoke from my coma three weeks after the accident and then spent the next 5 months in the hospital and in rehab I broke up with him for good. I now search for true love, and only the truest of love, I will never allow someone to get the best of me unless we both share the best of us both.... I hope this helps b/c this story always helps me realize how lucky I am to be alive and here and with my family and to have a second chance at true love.. Sent out to you with love and luck always! <3


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