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      I love him so much i can't see him!


I met the boy of my dreams 2 months ago. i still remember the day, it was gorgous and i believed my heart belonged to him. as we walked around the park things that would normally be unoticable turned into beautiful dramas like the duck that landed in the pond that was iced over and couldn't stand. or the snowflake the lands on the eye lash of a startled dear.

but then you had to leave without giving me your number and i now how no way of getting in touch with you. everyone tells me i'm being stupid but i miss him so much. everytime i walk through that park now its not the same it feels like snow flake on the eye lash of the dear had turned into poisen and the dear blinded then stubles over a cliff. The duck lies shredded in a pancake, soaking in the hoisen of my stupidity.

Thankyou for reading and sympathising


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