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I was 13 the day i met him. Next to me there is a Park where i used to visit a lot and one day hanging out with my cousin and her best Friend and we visited the computer lab because my cousins best friend thought a boy from there was sooo cute,,, and when i saw him i was like yuch... i started making fun of him and called him the split ends guy ...... from there i didn't see him for months....

............... one day my cousin called me and told me to go to her house cuz her friends were over to watch a movie... i looked like realy bad and i just got out of dance practice... the moment i took a step in her house.. a voice goes.... IM NOT A PRV I SWEAR... and i c its the split ends guy and i dogged him like no tomorrow... we didn't get a long very good and i was very mean to him... i thought he was a little immature kid....i hated him.....

Then as i started getting to know him that day he was funny.. i didn't find him attractive at all but im not saying i ignored him he was funny and a cool guy but we argued all day long..

Then as i was home he imed me and we started talking and he was really interesting and i had a thing for funny guys...

I started talking to him every day after my dance practices and school he just amused me ... he seemed so interesting.... however there were no thoughts in my mind that i actually would like him he was just a kid and so was i ( i was very tomboy and boys really weren't my big gist priority)... however i found myself coming on line first thing when i got home late at night. WE made up a game of asking each other questions that we had to answer and we got to know each other from there ( IT was called the ? Game LOl)

......I started talking about him so much and we became very very good friends..... our friends kept on teasing us and telling us that we liked each other and that were going to get married and everything but we would ignore them.....

As i grew older and so did he we were always friends becoming closer and closer... he would tell me about ll his life and his hard times with his family... sometimes things were really bad with him and he told me about suicide and killing himself and i couldn't take it since i came to know him very well i was devastated and would stay on the phone with him for hours so he wouldn't do anything stupid... he would talk about things i was scared of and every time i would tell him to come in front of my house and i would go and he would be happy and talkative and it would cheer me up too. My parents were okay with it they liked him and knew i wasn't anything more then friends with him.

If he had any problems i was there if i had problems he was there.,... I couldn't not smile around him ... and even though we sounded like a couple it was not ture.. as we became older he would tell me about the girls he was with and what he did with them... then i went to high school as a freshy and he was a junior then but he drooped out half of the year.... started going to collage because he was a trouble maker.. AS i turned into 10th and him a senior he got a girlfriend from my school ( not very attractive ) i started seeing that he would get far away from me we woulnt talk as much and i got jealous because missed him but i understood she was his gf..

then i heard that they were arguing because of me because he would take my side all the time if shesaid anything and because of me they broke up :/

.... oh oh lol

I am 16 now in 10th grade and he is a senior who goes to collage ( 17and a half)

He loves me and tells me every day i love him and tell him every day ...

friends started making fun of our relationship and saying were going to get married ...

and so we started to joke around too but were starting to believe it ...

i know i might be very young and but i feel the same way ....

He told me once that if i dont marry him he wont get married lol

childish i know

And once he asked me the point of living and he told me i couldn't have a answer

it was a challenge...

I wrote him a letter with all the things i live for and also what others live for ( yes i took a survey)

at the end i said if you cant find anything to live for live for me and just today he sent me a text message saying.............

I wake up every morning your the reason I smile your the my reason for life a while back you said if you can't find a reason to live live for me so I am. You are my world your the only reason marines is a 4 year thing and your the reason marines is firefighting thing your the only reason i breath your the reason.

Oh and yes he is going to the marines in September... I'm not going to see him for 4 years . oh and yes were best friends we aren't a couple but i think what really matters i is love him and he loves me and we are happy with what were are and the funny thing is that even if he does ask me out my answer will be NO :)

true story i swear :)

P.S. and he was right he wasn't a pervert

P.P.S. I am :D


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