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      My Love Tragedy


I was a Sophomore in High School when I met my first love. We started out as friends and all, than I found out that she really liked me when she asked me to the school dance. We became a couple about a week after, we were just like a regular high school couple in the beginning, you know, not too crazy about each other but still boyfriend and girlfriend. But things started to change about a month into our relationship, usually the fire between high school couples slowly fades away after a while but our fire continued to grow stronger, all the way to the point where life was almost pointless without her, nothing else mattered. The first, and only time we made love, it was just like you see in the movies, just perfect. After we did it, our love was so intense, I was totally convinced that we were going to get married some day. Then, things started to change, she began paying less attention to me, she made up pointless rules like, we shouldn't kiss anymore. Things started going down hill. One day she called me and said that she had been planning on breaking up with me a couple days earlier, but for whatever reason, she didn't. I tried to make things better, but nothing worked, we broke up on February 29, 2008. We had been going out for only four months and nineteen days. The week after I sunk into a deep depression and thought about killing myself twice. Do not call me a weak person though, how would you feel if you gave your whole life to someone and they end up pushing you away? It's been almost two months since we broke up and I am still not quite over her yet, but it's beginning to get easier.


Thanks for reading, Joe.


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