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      My Heart Will Never Mend


Even though I'm only twelve years old, I could never love again... Even if i tried. Ever since that day. I had about 30 crushes and I'm not kidding. i counted. But ever since that one crush, i just can't be around guys who are the same age as me. It also taught me a lesson on how to pick better frieds and to not be gullible. This guy was only a year older than me. I really liked him, but that was only after one day and my friends knew the day after. So they told the guy i liked. He freaked out. I think... After that day he never hung out with me. All because i liked him. I mean, it's not like i was going to act all Fangirl on him. I mean, he could have tlod me we could have been just friends instead of ignoring me all the time. Now, I think he's afraid of me or hates me. I Just don't want to see his face again... It hurts too much. And you know what the worst thing is he never said sorry... He just avoided me the whole time,and them moved to his cousins house. He never said, I'm Sorry...


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