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      Lucky sighting


One day I was waiting to go into town with my best friend James. He was a good friend to me and he was on his way round. He arrived to my house and then I left and we got the bus into town.

 We went to the place we usually hang around, where some skaters skate on good days. Saw a few of my skater friends and we got talking to them for a bit. It was a quite bright day and it was quite lively outside.

 I had been single for about four months and had given up searching for someone. I was just gonna stop looking for a boyfriend and just start living and I would find some one.

 About an hour or so had past and I was starting to get bored. I was just chatting to James and then I looked to my left and saw a group of 3 girls and a guy walking over. The guy had skateboard under his arm and I thought nothing of it. The guy walked over to where we were hanging and started chatting to one of my friends. I stood up to start dancing to some music playing and then the guy came behind me and said "Hey, can any of you get served for fags?" I turned around and said, "What?" and he said it again, while he was talking i looked into his eyes which were like a clear blue sky, they shined so beautifully and his hair was black but it was in good condition. Under his spell I said, " I can!" I walked with him to the shop and went into the shop. I didn't get served and so i walked out empty handed. Gave him the money back and i introduced myself to him and he said his name was Tom. He told me what school he went to and how old he was.

 All that afternoon he kept talking to me and smiling. Things started to die down and not many people where left out and James had to go home, so me, Tom and some others went into town and we grew close and close together.

 When the dark started to grow me and Tom went and ran away from the others and hid behind a building for ages. There we just chatted and looked into each others eyes and stood there holding each other. He admitted to me that he fancied me and I said i liked him to. We smiled at each other. He kissed me on top of my head and i turned to him and we grew closer together and we kissed and it felt so amazing inside. I felt like I had fireworks going off inside of me. The moon was shining onto us and the stars looked so big and brighter that night. I didn't want the feeling to end.    We held each others hand and walked to a different place and sat down. He was sat with me, and he smiled at me and said "what would you say if i asked you out?" I smiled happily and said "I think i would say yes" and we kissed again and i had the feeling again. He had to leave after a few minutes so I said i would walk him to his bus stop but he refused and said no i want to walk you to your taxi." So i agreed, but by the time we got there his bus was at the bus station so i walked him and he kissed me again and said "I'll call you tonight!" I was so excited that i even ran to the taxi! I had a warm fuzzy feeling inside my tummy, that when i got home i couldn't wait for him to call.

  We have been together for nearly 3 months. It seems to be going really good and i hope we last a long time together. :)



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