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      Am I in love?


i am not the type of girl who is so friendly. i the silent type of girl that would rather be in her room than go out of the house and explore the world.

ever since that day i had my first and so far the last broken heart 3 years ago, i never had the courage to get out of my shell once again.

i isolated my self in my own world and built walls around it.

when i came back to college 2 years ago. i never thought that i would meet someone just like me from the opposite sex. we had a lot of things in common and i never thought that we would become close friends. we were often misunderstood by the people around us.

but just then, we got s close to each other. i learned to get out of my shell once again. then i had a new boyfriend and we were so happy together. but when that person who first broke my heart came back, i accepted him. i still loved him.

my friend objected to what i did, but then he tried to understand me. then he advised me to choose only one.

i followed hi advise and chose only the one person whom i feel is more close to my heart. i chose the first person who broke my heart.

but a few months later i found out that the guy had other girlfriends aside from me. i got heart ache again and the only person who was there to cheer me up was my best friend.

i was able to cry on his shoulder. then i regretted the moment i decided to come out of my world.

he comforted me each and every time.

i even cried that day he said he's going back to his hometown and that it might be that he'll never be able to come back. and i was so glad that he was just kidding me. because he wanted to see how would i react if he left me.

right now, were still holding on to each other. and he's getting weird lately. he said that he wanted to find someone just like me to be his girlfriend. it's kinda weird.


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