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      Years in the Flirting


Michael and i first met when he was doing construction at the store i was working at at the time. he and i had conversations about numerous things one of them being poker. we both enjoyed it but never played, so to start playing more we exchanged numbers. (putting him in my phone as         

" mike poker")  ha ha. anyways time went on and i would hear from him about every 3 months or so. he ended up getting into a relationship not long after we met......not thinking about me at the time. but he often thought about what it would be like to be with me......                     

back to the good stuff though...... about   two years ago Michael and i ran into each other outside of a little pub i enjoyed going to, we said hi and he gave me an incredible hug, while he was hugging me i sorta grabbed his bum.......oops...... irresistible......another time i was walking home about six months after that and walked past his balcony, thinking to myself that i wanted to talk to him i yelled up at the balcony that i thought was his, he came out and we talked briefly, me shouting out of no where that i was single..... him not being single at the time unfortunately ....... another time we ran into each other was about a year after that. i was working as a server at a high end hotel, had my hair straight and was not really looking like myself.... i hear someone yell my name from across the restaurant and it was  Michael ... and Dawn *(his ex)* i sat down next to Michael, scootching in close to talk. i asked how he was and what  was up, asked him if he knew my number still and he recited it off by heart.   (so cute) over the last 4 years we have wanted  to be together but it just wasn't the right time. Michael called me about 4 months ago and asked how i was, at the time i wasn't doing very well, i was trying to find a new place to live because my room mate at the time was a complete slob. i needed to get out before i went nuts.  as it turned out Michael was trying to rent out his spare room.  i moved in 3 days later and 3 days after that we were dating and haven't spent more than a day apart. he tells me everyday how beautiful i am and how much i mean to him. we love each other  very much and know that this is true.


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