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we're starting talking on the phone,his a good looking guy anybody met him even my friend they said his so handsome. But I never dream off a handsome boyfriend just because of temptation around.At first, I don't believe that he like me also,and that's the beginning that we've been very close each other.....his so good to me, he met my parents then., I met his parents too.

A year after I feel something change the way he treat me,i cried after what happen both of us he treat me bad, I ask him to cut off our relationship but he refused it, as he said he love's day i plan to visit him at his aunt house where he where stay to tell him that we're becoming a parents.

I feel unusual, his aunt shoched when she saw me, and ask me why I was there."what's happening here" She let me to come in at the receiving room and wait for her nephew.After a minutes ago i've hear his voice outside, laughing.It flash to my eyes that he with another lady holding their hands together.....

he surprised that I stared to them,he send that lady directly to the room and he come back after almost 30min.

it's hurted me so much but i don't want to cry infront of him.when he come to me and embrased me he need an explanation i ask him that i have to go...............

and i end up the relationship on that way,and it take how many year to recover the pain that i've felt.Almost eight years past but i'm still wanting to met him for the sake of our baby......................


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