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      Young love...At Frst Sight


I always been this shy girl who loved skater i met this skater boy one night at a teen dance..he was so cute and i felled in love with him at first sight..the funny thing is i didn't know he was a skater boy.some feeling shocked through me that i never felt in my life...i was 14  and he was 15..i'm probably   too young to even think about love, then to be in it..but it was true..i told my sister about him and she went and asked him if he wanted to dance with me..he looked at me and smiled and said yes, next song..i was so excited that he said yes..well the next song came Lips of an was my favorite song at the time which was really weird..we started talking while we were dancing and he told me his name is Justin...he smiled at me, the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in my life.. he got closer to me while we were dancing...he was holding me pretty tight,i couldn't even move! i was so nervous i went stiff while i was dancing..





after the song went off i went to sit beside my sister and friend..Justin came to me and asked me if we could go somewhere alone and heart was pounding fast. i didn't know what to say and i'm really shy when things like this happens.i went with him anyways and we talked and talked. finally i broke out of my shyness and ask for his number.he was happy to give it to me.we danced some more and he kept telling me things like he never been this nervous around a girl in his life. after that dance we went back to sit and this guy i been crushing on for years liked me too.he came to me and Justin and asked me to dance.i said no because my feelings for him suddenly changed.Justin kept staring into my eyes telling me hes glad he came to this dance..this was his first time.after the dance was over which was 11 and pretty dark outside. he told me to come with him behind the building.there was no telling what he wanted me to do.there we were alone staring at eachother for a very long time, waiting for him to say something.then he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips.i never kissed a guy in my life so i was really really nervous.after he stared at me looking scared thinking i was going to hit him..instead i grabbed him and we started kissing.this was the best day of my life and were still together.if brad pitt or leonardo dicaprio walked by i wouldn't look his way. and if cameron diaz walked by i know he wouldnt look her way.


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