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      The boy that became the man in my heart


It was my first day of high school . And I saw him sitting there in class .So I walked by and thought to my self I would never kiss him. As time went by being only 14 I got to know him as friends in school .Then we started talk to each other over the phone .At this time he was only 15 ,we talked about who we liked and how we should get my friends and his to all hang out.He lived out side of town and I lived in town so one Friday night there was a party I was going to so I called him up and said would you like to go with me or even meet me there with you friends. So as the night went on I have been there for already a hours or so.He showed up and it made me night !. We talked for a while then his friend came over .My friends like his friends so after that night we all started hang out with each other every weekend and all the time in class .We where still friends at this time but i knew there was something so special about him that made me crazy and all my friend told me that I liked him but I always replayed with NO but I knew I didn't like him ...I loved him as the months went by we became so close and then one Saturday night 2005 he asked me out I wanted to jump up and cry in happiness. I loved him so much as much as he loved me be was my best friend my my boyfriend my life . We dated for 3 years I lived with him when I got kicked out of my house and he also lived wit me when he got kicked out of his home. We lived on the street together when we both had to home to place to go to sleep to eat .We just had each other for being only 15 and 14 years old we got through it .I remember I was turning 16 and to me it was such a big deal so he throw me a party at his house just to make me happy.There was so many thing that we did for each other to make each other happy .all of our friend always wanted to be like us . Our family's couldn't believe how strongly we felt for each other.But then the worst happened his parents were about to separate his mother didn't like the town that they lived in so they moved 2 hours away at this time I was 17 and was 18 the person that I loved the person that kept me safe from the world was gone.Our life's changed after time i stopped taking buses there and turn to drinking and it got really bad for the both of us he even try ed to kill him self

for the guilt he felt for the mistakes that we both made in our relationship.thank god it never worked .I cant handle being so far away from him and not know what he was doing he was such a good looking person that all the girls liked he even played in a band!  He was my rock and roller and I was his brown girl he always wanted. Time went by I meet a new boy friend and he meet a new girl friend. They didn't last long because everything he would come back to visit  we would see each other and fell in love all over again .It almost been two years that we haven't been together and not one day goes by that he's not in my head or in my heart i have found  and been with lots of other boy friends and same as him with girl friends. I keep a book of all our memories . The story of us can go on for ever I just want him to read this one day and remember us and to know I will always love him  and never for get him .


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