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      I never knew


well... i liked this boy a lot i even had times i thought i loved him.. he liked me to i knew it we would talk and it was like he understood me but their was one problem he was the most popular guy in school me i was a girl everyone new but not the most popular i had to tell him how i felt their was to many girls who would have a better chance so i did in a note.. i gave it to him then looked away i looked back and saw him ripp the note i wanted to cry... but since i never do i didnt... he told my best friend to tell me he didnt like me in the way i liked him.. i was crushed because to prove to me it was true he acted like he liked my best friend... i know it it sucks but i finnaly realized it would never be... i didnt like anyone for a while he acted like he hated me and i did the same then there was this other boy i would joke around with just like the other guy... we played games like we would push each other in class throw papers or earasers then i relized i started getting feelings for him people asked me if i liked him i alwasys said no he got with one of my friends cus since i didnt like him my friend asked him i was happy for them but friend relized she didnt like him as much as she did before so stopped talking to him he asked me is she was gonna talk to him if not he was gonna break up with her i told him she thought it was over then i had to spill the beans nefore he gets with someone else so i did and after i told him we got together one day i asked him why he liked my friend before he said i never did thats why i broke up with her i realy like u ... i got with my boyfriend on easter or march 23 .... for a month now noone in my whole school has been with there boy friend that long i love my boy friend and he loves me and i would have never thought me and him would be perfect together i love my boyfriend samuel moreno!!!!!


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