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      How can one ease the pain of waiting and hoping?


First love never dies...and yah, it is true...but i never thought it would hurt this bad...


I am in love with my close friend for almost 4 yrs now...days ago i have already admitted to him that i am secretly in love with him. I thought finally, i will find an answer to my long kept question, "is there a chance for me and you?" I think this question will forver remain a question...things just did not go well for the both of us...i mean, we are friends...we talk and hang around but still there's a part of me that wants to know if we are really gonna end up together...its difficult if you waited for a long time and yet nothing happened...its just so confusing because right now i just don't know what to do...i dont want to give up...but my mind is telling me that it is the best thing to do...i'm losing hope..and i'm afraid that i might lose my friend as well...


How will save myself from confusion? when will i ever grow-up...and once i do... will i learn to love again???


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