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      Once Upon A Time


Once upon a time there was this girl and she met a boy through one of her best friends. The boy and girl started talking and became casual friends. They both starting talking more and more and as time went by she eventually developed feelings for this boy. She got to know the real him and fell in love with who he was. He was always there for her when she needed someone to talk to. He never let her down. And that's how my story starts.


  It actually all started when me and my best friend were sitting by the pool. She happened to call him and wanted to talk. So my friend called this boy. At first this boy and this girl didn't really hit it off so well. Both of then didn't really seem like they would ever talk or go out. Come to find out one night this girl got super bored, looked through her cell phone and decided to call this boy. They both started chatting and the girls friends noticed and said that they should go out and would make a good couple and so forth. But the girl was still grieving about her last boyfriend who she was so stupid to have even liked and didn't even notice that this boy had feelings for her. And this is when they started talking 24/7 on the phone. NON STOP! And fortunately this girl developed feelings for him but kept on denying it for she was so afraid to loose their friendship which meant so much to her. So this boy finally asked her out and she said to give her time and let her think about it so she did and  a week went by and the boy asked her again and she told him yes. And to this very day this boy and this girl are still dating, they have been together for 9 months and 13 days to be exact.


   So this is my fairytale but a true one do u have one? 


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