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      Is this love or is this lust??


I met this guy, he tried to get me to break up with my then bf because my best friend told him to come tell me lies on my then bf.  But then after he told me the truth that everythin he said was a lie and that my bf was really not a bad guy.  His honesty touched me.  He asked to see my picture so i gave him my hi5 account url. He said that i was pretty and if i wasnt taken he would have asked me out.  I though he was just sweet talkin me.  After two months that me n my bf broke up.  We started talkin.  We went on webcam and we both sweet talked each other. Months went by and i started fallin for him. I told the person i told everythin back then about him. She was like so happy. A week later she died. And i was devasted. He was there for me. And cheered me up.  We talked everyday. I would wait for him. He would stay up until 4 to 5 am. Oh i forgot i little detail. He lives in england and i live in Canada. But we are from the same country.  He would give up his sleep for me.  We would talk about life and how our day went. Time would just go by so fast.  Then february came around. By now i was head over heels in love with him. He was perfect. Same religion as me, same country and everythin just matched.  He knew i loved him a lot. March came and we decided we needed a break. So we took a break. End of march he stopped coming online, and no email, no texts and not even miss calls.  I got my courage up and confronted him. He said that we should end it cause a relationship can survive with one lover and the other trying to make the lover happy.  So now 4 days after. I want him and i know he is the love of my life. And i wanna still marry him one day.  IS this real or unreal?? 


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