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So there's this guy at my school,we've been friends over 6 months now.

Over the months we've talked i fell for him not knowing it was going to be this hard to let go.



It's almost the end of our junior year. he found out what i felt for him he never said a word to me. made me feel like he didn't really wanted to go further than a friendship.



When you love someone you don't share,you want them for yourself.

that's exactly what I want,we could go days without talking and yet the feeling remains the same.



We'll never be what I dreamed of and it's sad because when you love someone you want to be with them no matter what,you feel like you need them and just everything that you think includes them in a way.


Now all that's left are memories and it hurts to see him with other girls

guys don't know how much a girl could feel or hurt at the same time. because no matter how much you love someone they could still hurt you.


Well I wonder what he thinks I know i think about him all the time and day.

but sometimes what you feel isn't what you deserve,you learn to be loved but not to love,to be trustworthy but not trust to be hurt but not shattered to be cracked but never open.


to end this...


You need to learn how to get hurt and understand your pain.

it's going to be hard for me not to think about you,not to dream about us...

very hard but I need to because he doesn't want what I do .



I love you...and when  you look back I'm going to be here...




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