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      we can never be


it's kinda true when they say that opposites attract, him being a know it all and very  cheeky and me just being the usual reserved, shy and sweet girl.

the very first time i saw him was the day i knew something was different about him, it was the way he walked, spoke, smiled and looked at me that made me so intrigued in him it was like he completed me.

every time i saw him i felt my heart racing, i don't know and probably will never know but it was the way that he looked at me that i knew he had feelings for me too, it was just so different.

only problem was he's 8 years older than me and my chemistry teacher at college.

i knew for sure that there was something there when he said he was told to be my mentor when in fact i found out that they chose a student to mentor.

plus i always catch him looking at me when I'm looking away and he smiles at me when i see.

i know that we can never be as i am about to leave college  in a couple of months time and will never see him again but i have felt liked this for the past year and know that it's not one of those childhood things.


don't know what to do!




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