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      Love Hurts


oh mann where can i start read this and u never would look at love the same way as you have. i promise you. some of you might have a laugh out of it but i tell you its the truth and i never wish anyone this luck.

it was around 2005 when i met this guy in computer i lived in usa and he lived in albania( my home country) we started talkin like everyday i was 14 he was 17

it all started out as a joke. i wouldnt take anything serious but we fell for it.

he had a best friend and i did too so as a joke like always i told him if we can hook them up it was computer so its not like anything would have happend.

so we did and they started talking and so did we

i fought with him once really bad but my hands that i hate them everyday and more couldnt stay but i wrote him an email telling him that i was just joking around and if we can forget about the fight, and so we did but just because of that he started falling in love with me

he told me he loved me i said the same thing but i didnt i was too young to be feeling anything and i never believed him. i decided not to talk to him anymore always believing that he was just joking around but god was i wrong,

remember my best friend who i hooked up with his friend uauuuuu

they have been going together for 3 yrs now and love each other to death

without even meeting once.

im 16 now and i have a boyfriend and i cant say i love him yet but he lives only 30 minutes away and we dont really see each other that often even thoguht we miss each other a lot. i dont show it but it kills me that i cant be with him everyday. anyway back to the story the guy who fell in love with me hes 19 right now and stil loves me

i have deleted him so many times from my contacts and always adding him again.

i talked to him today for about 2 hours and cried so much every time he used to say smth i used to run in the bathroom and just cry forgetting what ive done to him

i hate myself for that. it was all a joke and it became so real

i wish i can love him back but i cant i dont feel anything

and from us 4 i am the only 1 who didnt fall for it

my friend and hes friend omggggggggg they go so well and theyre meeting this summer and cant wait

i know that they be together forever.

as i was talking to my ex and going to the bathroom crying so many times at that moment i got a txt from my bf telling me he misses me but just doesnt have time to come and see me

mannnn y does everything have to be so complicated

as my ex lefttt me crying here and my friend crying in the other side b/c she missess her sweetheart he sends her a txt to tell me that he lovesss me so much

i dont know what to do

im only 16 and im going through so much

i hate myself every day more and more

i closed someone elses life and i cant give them anything

dont be selfish on love man

cuz u cant find it everywhere

charish the oneeee u loveeeee

and plsssss just know how glad u r to hav e the person u love near you

ive learned thsi from my best friend that being in love and so far from each other it killls u

so love that person with all your heart dont let them go

love doesnt come twice in life

i know im only 16 and what would i know im only a teenager

trust me when u fall in love there is no age

and that hasent happened to me yet but to other peoplee that i know and charish

dont regret being in love and never try to hate that person b'c in the end ull end up loving them more

i hope this made sense cuz i dont even know what i wrote

i love you DONNA ( best friend) i wishhhhh u the best luckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

ill give up anything just for u to go to albania and meet him this summer

and to Rinaldi im sorry i cant give love back to you

and to LEDI(donnas BF) best luckkkkkkkkk


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