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      Love and loss


 i was pretty little

 13 to be exact but i still think i have feelings for this boy his name was brandon and he was the love of my life we went out four count it four times and we broke up because my ex- best friend  told him i was a lezbien 

 i was so devoted to him we where still like best friends   and he knew that i liked him but all this time i've been waiting for hm to ask me when i should have been brave enough to ask him this is a poem i wrote a long time ago just about this instance


do you

or not

 i thought we really had a shot

 i feel like dirt

 dont you understand

 i saw my hand

 in your hand i love you

 do you lov me

 i miss you

 i love you

 come back to me

 i'm here

 willing to be in your arms

 we are eachothers charms

 i wish i may

 i wish i might

 have the wish

 i wish tonight

 this is my wish

 cant you see

 i need you

and you need me


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