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      The Wrong One


I was a kid, I had many girlfriends.  Now I am 19, not very good with women, I have had some experiences with women.  There was this friend, which was a girl.  I knew her about two weeks before I started having feelings for her.  I could never bring myself around to asking the question for her to be my girlfriend?  Two years later her and I still have a good friendship, and yes I did ask her out, she said "I can't deal with a relationship right now".  I thought to myself could it be she really can't deal with a relationship or she just doesn't want to be with me.  I asked her on the phone if anything was wrong, she said "no, I just cant be in a relationship, I'm sorry".  Her and I haven't spoken for two months.  In these past two months I have went out with one girl, but even though I was with her I still couldn't get the one which got away off my mind, I didn't want her to be with someone, which didn't love her.  I broke up with my girlfriend, she asked me "Why"? I could never tell her the truth because then she would probably feel worst.  I am still in love with the one which got away, I would do anything for her...anything.


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