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      The biggest decision of my life


I have been with him for three years now and it is a great relationship and we respect each other so much generally, except for that fact that whenever we experience any major problem he packs his stuff and leaves, saying "I need some space." It empties me every time he leaves. I wonder if he will show up again or if he has left for good.

He doesn't understand why it hurts me so much and always says I am just reading into it to much. That's not how I see it.

I love him so much and want to build the rest of my life with him but I can't take the abandonment. I feel that I should not even share my feelings with him just in cause it happens to break into a fight and again he will leave.

I also am the one to always reconcile things and I just wish that one time he would come and tell me everything will be okay.

My decision:

I think it is the biggest one that you can experience in a life time. It is a constant fight in my brain. Do I take the step to get my own life back our do I deal with it and just hope that everything will be okay.

I know that you should leave a person if it is not just what you want, but 98% of the time it is so great. Should I just put up with the 2%?.


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