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      What is the best thing to do??


In the first two years of my high school life. I have a friend which is a girl. We always laugh on each other. Also, on that two years, I didn't hear any rumors that someone had a crush on her.

When my sophomore life come to an end, I feel something unexplainable about her, that I knew only that vacation that I had already crush on her.

I keep it as a secret, because I feel that something will changed if I will tell her my feelings.

At first two months of my junior life, I didn't feel any shyness. But as time goes on, feel shy on her, in talking to her, to ask something, and even in calling her which is just normal to me in the previous times.

Then a rumor occurred that my best friend had a crush on her. And then I just know that it is really true.

I feel something heavily on my mind and heart.

From that day up to know I always think what is the best thing to do.

I remember, It was Halloween vacation when she asks me through the phone who is my crush. And I was stopped and didn't know what to answer.

But there's something on my mind that brings me courage to tell what is the truth.

At first I thought that my revelation brings a good situation but i was wrong.

I feel that she avoids me. I feel that there is something wrong when the classes resume.

Aside from my best friend, my other friend also had a crush on her, and there is another rumor that also my another friend had also crush on her which really makes me think everytime.

I notice that she didn't avoids all of the boys that had crush on her just

except me..

She didn't talk to me for a few months except the last remaining month of our school year where she asks again who is my crush and again I tell the truth.

As of know I feel better that she talks to me again just like before.

Some of her friends tell me that of all the boys that had a crush on her, they say that she chooses me among my friends.

But I didn't believe it, I am just hoping that it is true..


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