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      Love is like the wind u cant see it but u can feel it


i have a friend that has fallen in love with a guy in the computer

she has never met him but theyve been going together for almost 3 yrs now and she is only 17 he is 19

he loves her to death

but never met each other

could that be possible

thats what i though

they treasure each other so much and hoping that this summer theyll meet

i love my best friend to death and i cant see her go through this

she does cry a lot and shes very strong

to be in love with a guy uve never met but uve given your heart too

she always says even if something happens between us i will not die unless i meet him in real life

can u imagine falling in love with a guy only seen him in webcam

but talking to him everyday for almost 5 hours in the computer

well i can tell you it does happen

love doesnt have to be with someone that is near you

you can find love in many different, and strange places that u never thought

and i know that shes found the right one and i wish them the best luck on their relationship b/c they are very strong

i have my sweetheart only 30 minutes away and everytime he leaves and i dont see him for like 2 days my heart just stops

can u imagine loving that person so much but u cant touch them

u see then in the webcam and wishing u can break the cam and just go there and be with them

charish the one u love and have

b/c love is never forgotten dont be selfish

u never know how much u love that person until they go away

dont make that mistake


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