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      Loving your best friend


have u ever looked in your best friends eyes and say

oh man i wish i can marry you?

that happened to me

ive been best friends with tony for about 5 years now man i love that guy

and i never though i would actually have feelings for him but i do.

im the kind of person that says everything straight up just like it is and he loves me for that. i tell him when hes wrong and what i think of him but i cant be like that anymore i cant tell him what i really feel about him and he can sense that there is something wrong. im 16 and hes 18

i know right kinda of a difference but who cares

ive helped him through everything, when his parents got divorced, when he liked someone even when he wanted to break up with someone i was the other girlfriend. right now i cant play those games anymore i mean the cutest guy asked me out to the dance and i said NO thinking about tony.

never fall in love with your best friends

because u love them but at the same time u never wanna break the relationship that u have created for all this years

i really need some advice

he can sense theres something wrong but i cant tell him

pls help


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