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      A Meeting Meant To Be


I was a member of one of the online friendship and networking communities. I was new there, about two months, when i met a guy who was new there as well. He seemed very sweet, and i felt like talking to him more freely than i did with others as i still did not entirely trust everyone there. We talked for a few days, after which we lost contact as i left coming online for a few days.


When i did return after almost a month, i saw him there again, sure enough, he recognised me and i did too. We never did talk much, but he was fun to be with. It was then i finally added him in my friendlist, still not so sure, but i did. We still did not speak much, and sure enough, one day he messaged me that he was going to delete his account for studies. Although he was a friend, i never felt i would miss him. And sure enough, his account had vanished the same day.


Six long months had passed.. and one day i saw him again, back in the same online community we met in. Sure enough, he remembered everything about me even though i didnt remember much. It was then i started talking to him. I came to that community because i had found a real good friend. And i used to share everything with him. After a week of talking i realised i'm falling in love with him. He always supported me when i shared the story of a deep relationship i had with my boyfriend before we broke up. Soon enough i found love for him, purer than anything else i ever felt and expressed my love to him. He felt the same way for me, but was always reluctant because he felt we met only in the online world.


We were from different cities & started talking on phone soon after and even met once, and my feelings did not change, i started falling deeper and deeper in love, and he also expressed the same for me. I did everything for him, including cutting off from my ex boyfriend completely. I couldnt live a day without hearing his voice, even cried on those days when he was busy. I even discussed marriage much often with him, but he was too soft and kept away from the topic. Alas we went through testing times when we were separated due to our education. My love for him increased by the day. Till one evening I get a call from him. We talked for awhile and he started saying that out relationship will be difficult in the future, and it was better if we could stay friends. I knew he would never say anything without reason, but it was the longest night of my life, i couldnt stop crying. I would always express my love for him whenever we spoke. But he was never sure. I was so sure it was him for me, i couldnt imagine a life without him. He was a soulmate and I always told him that if it wasnt gonna be him, i would always stay single.


As i stand in life today, still wanting to be with him, i wonder if i lost a great friend by asking him to stop talking to me if he couldnt love me, or if i could have tried harder to make him love me. We still do talk, and i still pray that one day we could live closeby and be together forever. This story is as true as my feelings for him, and I'll always believe we'll be together someday :)


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