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      He never liked me


to make a long story short he did'NT like me never did,We been dating for 7 months he didn't buy me nothing at all all the times i bought him stuff he never said thank you or nothing all he did was take the gifts and walk away with it! Also we only kissed  3 times out of 7 months! One time he rejected me by, when i asked for a kiss right! he said yes so i was like kiss me now cause i had friends waiting and he was like no u wanted to walk me so walk me to my door so i was okay! Then when we got by the door he tall so i was reaching my lips to him and he put his arms out hugged me and then put his back toward me and walked in his door and left me standing there clueless! I was sad when he did that, then i didn't talk to him for the whole day ,so after school i was like why did you did that he said cause his mother found out we been kissing and she don't want him kissing no more , so i said to him why didn't you say that in the first place instead of having me look stupid thinking he's gonna kiss me!He always try to avoid me it seem like he was annoyed of me being around him!he acted so phoney to me i always wanted to know why cause i never did anything to him, but one day it was on a Friday and everybody was like o the boy i was going out with said do i want him to break up with me , i was thinking in my head why would he say that so i was like fuck him not in that type of way that it's over , so one of my friends put words in my mouth and was telling him stuff! so Sunday when i went on aim i said to him are we really over and he was like yes and this was March 8, 2008 and i was explaining my self to him and he wasn't hearing it so that whole week i was crying non-stop! And ever since till this day i been trying to explain my self to him saying that i really like you and can we go back out and everything and he was like no! so almost everyday i cry over and over and over! it's not going to happen we are not going to go back out cause he don't like me no more he just want to be friends, but at the same time he's always mean to me and still if we friends it still feel the same way how we was going out boring i want him to be able to hang out with me like he hang out with the other girls in his class!i don't know Wat to do!

 some one please give me advice of  handling this stitution ! all i do is think of him Hit me up( alimartin6)      thank you


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