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      Why And How Could YOU?????


Hello Everyone I am a 35 year old mother of 2 with 1 step daughter and a once very happily married woman. In the beginning we were so strong. He of course was not working so it made things all the better home with me all the time. Well he began working and things were awesome he'd leave for work with a long hug and wonderful kiss and then come home with the same a big hug and a long wonderful kiss to make me know that I was missed. Well as time went on things got a little deep. Here I was a single mother with 2 kids not knowing what way to go in life and I have this wonderful man sweep me off my feet and think that he is the most wonderful thing on earth...LOLOLOL.....sounds like a honeymoon doesn't it.....well we were into our 5th month of serious relationship he asked me to marry him. I said yes and we married on august 3rd of that year... after i signed the marriage papers the devil appeared in front of my eyes....He became a very mentally abusive man....he thought he owned me now......wrong answer.....after living together for about 2 1/2 years i decided i needed to move because of the abuse......thinking in my subconcious memory that my husband isn't like that he's really the man that i had married and still treated me with the same respect as he did before we married.....I moved out..........he couldn't stand me being away from home so he came and brought me an Angel under his wing......well things were good for another year......and back to the same stuff again.....I left......he come got me i moved home.....then again it happens....except this time i moved away to work so i could find a way to get over him......that still didn't work I was eager to see him and so much still loving him i knew that i needed to be home....come home and move again to battle creek......because i couldn't take staying at my parents house.........i live up there a good 6 months and here he comes wanting me home so here i am again.......except this time....i'm sitting at home without him.......he moved......he left me with no CAR, no food, no money, no electricity, no fuel oil in the dead of winter.....How can I still LOVE this man? Anyone have any answers for me.....i'd love to hear them.....i want him back home so bad I cry for it daily....HELP in Michigan....


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