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      The Love We Had


The thing is, you never realy  know what love feels like..I do now


this lass called amy i know weve known each other for nearly 2 years and we never used to talk to each other tbh

It started in may 2007 she told me she loved me and i  liked her back millions but there was a glitch she had a bf called cal we kept our love secret alot and still do but however much i tried we wouldnt kep with each other

at the end of the school year we never saw each other for along time i went to america and so on  but i met a gir called elle and well i kindof liked her because i was trying to get over amy but i dint last long as i still loved amy but her nd cal were together still it was year 8 now and this went on for ages untill about 6 months ago when cal left and well amy and me still dint get together and she started seeing other people and when it really hurt me is when she told me she loved me and went with my best friend ;(

but they finished and she keeps telling me she loves me

but how do i know

she tells me she loves me but goes off with other people and likes others sayin shes over me but then says shes not

and then today amy liked me and this boy ben and i told ger i still lived her again but this time I LOVED HER SOO MUCH and yeh we got off good untill i got home

i got home and as uaual got the laptop and went on msn and bebo it wass all fine untill her and this lad tom started gettin close and she told a friend that she loved ben but wanted tom! i wasnt part of any of the love stroy she had!

then this othr lass mikayla who amy hates and she hates amy found out and told me..


i got really upset and well now all i can do is think of her I LOVE HER but will the love last between us both ii dont know if this will keep going but i really truly cant leave it and move on..!!!!




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