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      Friends Forever? by chris aka SleepyyCee


Anna was pushing him away, even though she doesn’t know, hanging with her new boy friend it changed things, it changed the times they used to talk on the phone.  She talked to him less and less but started spending more times with her new boy friend, even though Ben haven’t met her new boyfriend yet, he doesn’t like the sound of him, he was scared that her boy friend would soon hurt Anna.

Ben tried to warn her, but she just said the same thing, “don’t worry, if something happens ill hit him myself”

Ben wasn’t very convinced with that but what more could he do? She wouldn’t listen.  Time passed on she was still with her boy friend, where it came to a stage where she had completely pushed Ben out of her life without her even knowing it. Ben knew what was happening but keeps telling her, he wasn’t going to give up that easy, but every time he tried to talk to her she said the same thing. What use would it do to talk to her if she just says the same thing over and over?

Although Anna didn’t take Ben for granted she hadn’t realized what a mistake she had done, how far away she pushed him.  At this time now, Anna had forgotten all about Ben, forgotten that he even existed.

Not hearing her voice affected Ben mentally, not physically but emotionally.….

Ben however tried to call her and told her that he was sick. But she wouldn’t answer her phone. Ben got really sick and was rushed to hospital. He had a cancer. Doctors knew that it was too late . It began to spread through out his body. Ben could do nothing but lie there, waiting for time to pass, that girl, his best friend, Anna was the only person on his mind, a tear rolled down his cheeks as he tried to remember the last time he had seen her smile because of him. He remember that it was a long time ago, long before Anna had this boy friend. Ben laid there til he couldn't bear the pain anymore. He laid there thinking about her, wondering if she ever stop to think about him, the whole time he thought about her, it killed him, eating him from the inside, he knew that they were too far apart now. But he would forgive her, it’s not her fault, and he wouldn't’t want her to live in regret.


Word spread fast, until Anna heard from one of her friend about what happened to Ben, she knew at once that it was too late, but rushed to hospital to see her best friend. Tears streamed down her eyes as she ran pass the corridors looking for Ben. She thought about the old times they used to have, and how stupid of her just to throw that all away… she found Ben’s ward and walked in silently, Ben looked up and smiled. Jane couldn’t take it, seeing her best friend lying there but not knowing anything about it til the very last minute, more tears streamed down her face as she saw how sick he was, how pale his face was,

“Be-Be-Benn?” Anna said, her voice breaking,

 “A-An-Anna...” Ben croaked

“ I’m so sorry for pushing you away Ben, please don’t die..” she said, no louder then a whisper.

“ i-i-i---lo-love-y-you—be-besty…al-always…”  Ben whispered with all his last strength.


 His heart stop beating, his breathing stopped, his arm fell lifelessly from his chest towards the floor.“Noooo.. BENN… I have so many things to say...” Anna cried, but she knew there was no way he could come back to live... more tears streamed down her face“Ben don’t leave me I’m sorry... Ben please wake up...” Anna sobbed. That moment she went hold his hands. But instead found a scrunched up piece of paper.


--------To my best friend Anna,Don’t worry about this, you just continue on with you life, I love you a lot, and you will always be in my heart, no matter what, even in that past few months we didn’t get to talk much, I still thought of u every minute of the day, hun I love you. Really hun, theres nothing to forgive if you’re asking for it, what is there to forgive if you didn’t do anything wrong? Please don’t be hard on yourself, there are 2 wishes I want from you, one is remember how you used to talk to me about your dream job? The one you always want? Well I want you to do all you can and achieve it, I may be gone, but I will always be by yourside, I will not cross over until I see that you have made your goal and made yourself happy, second and last of all, forgive yourself if you think you need to be forgiven, but really there’s nothing to forgive hun, you need to understand that. Your life is not worth wasting, live your life to its fullest, don’t stop at any intersection, overcome any obstacles that is stopping you just like how you always do. You’re plain stubborn hun, you know that you can overcome anything easy. Your will is strong keep it that way.Oh and one last thing you are the bestest friend that have ever step into my life, you changed it from the moment you walked in, from the moment we first started talking, from the moment we first shared little secrets about us, it was funny how in such little time we got so close... And one more thing… my dimples are more awesome! I love you and I will always love you.Love Ben, -----------------------------


Anna read that last bit over and over again, more tears stream down her face as she read, flooding her beautiful hazel eyes. She held the paper close to her chest… and whispered“ I’m so sorry… I have..always…loved you..”  


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