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      The worst two weeks ever


September of last year my boyfriend and I broke up. He told me that we needed time apart and not to call him. At first it made me mad, but then after awhile when he never called me I started to worry. I called him and he didn't answer. I called him over and over and he never answered. I knew that he was partying every night but I thought he loved me and i never for one second thought he would hurt me. Finally when he answered he yelled at me and hung up on me. I was very sad and very confused. So finally after one week of this torture I finally left him alone. Within two days he showed up at my volleyball game. I talked to him and we seemed ok, but then that night he went to another party. So then i left him alone again and the next night i called him and he was once again at another party. the next day i showed up at his house before school because i thought it was getting way out of hand and i wanted to face to face talk to him. He told me not to call him and he would consider taking me back. so it took all i could to not call him. that night he called me and said he wanted me back. come to find out he was with another girl for those two weeks. she told me they had sex twice. she met his parents, which i am and was very close to. me and him always had a special place where we would always set and talk, he took her there too, and the place where we met. everything that was special to us he ruined. i am so sad and so confused and he says that he has changed but im not sure about anything right now. im so sad. i know he is with me now but how could i go back to him im so scared this will happen again. i love him and i want to be with him, but i cry every night and i dream about it every night. i cant imagine it getting any better. its been seven months and nothing has changed. i really need some advise.


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