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      I still love you


I met him when I was here in the PI.

We started out as casual friends and as time went by so did my feelings for him developed. I got to know the real him and I fell in love with who he was. He was there for me when I needed someone to talk to and to give advice. And that's how our story starts.


It all actually started when me and cousin, shy-1ne were sitting at one of the benches under the pines. He happened to pass by and upon recognizing him, shy-1ne called him over. He sat down beside me but I had no feelings for him at that time so I didn't really care whether he was sitting next to me or not. We started chatting and eventually Shy-1ne saying stuffs like we match to be together and stuffs like that but i was so heartbroken over a guy who I was so stupid to have liked that I didn't notice what they were talking about. But after that chatting of ours, that's when we started hanging out and through those times I began to know the real him. And fortunately i developed my feelings towards him but kept on denying it for i was so afraid to loose our friendship,which meant so much to me. So I kept on denying it till the day when he finally gave up and found another. It hit me so hard and what was worse was that I found out on valentine's day. I couldn't attend my Math exams cause I was crying so hard that I could not think and my head was aching so bad that my teacher told me to go home and taking it some other time. It still hurts until now and wherever I go there's always a memory of me and him there. So I lock myself in the house but thanks to my KLBS sisters they helped me out so now I may apper strong but know that I would never had done it with out the help of my sisters.


I still love you but I have to let you go for now. If we're truly meant to be, someday, somehow, some where we both will realize that.


And the goes for everyone. Just because some one broke your heart doesn't mean that you have to stop loving. I believe thats not the right thing to do. Instead God is giving you thise time to look around and see who had been there for you and see that you are loved by all and that maybe your partner is still coming and he is just waiting for the right time for you two to meet.


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