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      Tyler phelps.


I didn't really know what the true meaning of love was until i met this guy. But the thing is, he isnt just a regular guy. He is someone that changed my entire life. I dont know what i would do without him.

- so many times did i think about committing suicide.

- so many times id i cry at classes.on the bus.everywhere

- so many times did i drink to try to solve my depression

- so many times did i smoke to try to solve my deprssion

- and so many times was i silent and closed because we had our big break up. i didn't know what to do. i was scared and lonely. i had no one to talk to. i was pretty much tramatized because i was so depressed at my situation.

but for some reason i stayed with him.

i was willing to give EVERYTHING up for him.

at first he started all kinds of bullsh*t with me calling me a @#$%^ and a ^&* and stuff but i still stayed by his side. because i love him.

but when he has an attitude or yells or something it makes him soooo ugly!

but the thing is i can't stand to see him with or talk to another girl.

we began our relationship on may 20,2007 and from that day on i felt like the luckiest girl ever.

but now all i feel is " why am i in love with this jerk? he,heis just not the same"

i dont know anymore!

i just need some really really helpful tips and advice!



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