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      Love hurts when YOU TRY TO GET EVEN


It started when i was a freshman i was already ending my first semester and i saw him there in my after school tutoring class .he asked me if i was jessica sister i said yeah.he also told me he liked her but at that moment my sister had a boyfriend.later the next day he came up to me and gave me his number so i would call him when i got home and so i did little did i know that since that day on i would call him almost every day.soon i came too have felled in love with him but never told him. even though i knew he was changin and had fallen in love with me he never told me he and i would walk around and everyone thought we were a couple.i dont know what happened but neighter of us had the courage to tell eachother how we felt and now we walk bye the halls and stare at each other and walk away it has been like that for the past 2 yrs and i miss him so much he is my inspiration so i can keep on writing //////////  I LOVE YOU ///////////// AND CANT STAND SEEING YOU WITH HER BUT I KNOW U DONT LOVE HER AND ARE DOING IT TO HURT ME FOR ALL THIS YEARS OF SILENT PAIN AND NO WORDS OF LOVE TOWARDS YOU


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