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      We were`t made to be together . . .


We met on a Website. At first you would think it would be a good relationship. He was old enough to know, she was still finding her purpose in life. His words would soothe her till` the bottom of her heart. He would constantly say . . . "Their`s This Girl, and I like Everything About Her, everything." But what he didn`t know was. . . They play the same game. . . He had someone else on the other side of his heart, and so did she. She knew about it, of course she did. she knew the girl on the other end of his end. At first she would act like she doesn`t care, cause of course she has another man on the other side to her heart.

But as you know, Foolish mind games can make you fall for one, even if you don`t want to. Even if you told yourself one to many times, it`s all just fun and games.

She was so confused on what to do. He would tell her to wait, and tell her that after this recent relationship, he would come and take her home to his mom and dad. She would second guess his words, Yet they soothe her soul. In the end, she made up the thoughts in her heart. She let him go, cause if he did really love her, he wouldn`t have made her wait. She thought about it, finally realizing that, if they were meant to be no matter what happen they would be. So she wouldn`t wait, she would let him go love the one`s he loves, sometimes you have to let faith guide you in life.

So she really did let him go. Until she heared that the girl on the other side of his heart left him too.

It made Amy Yang think. . . . "She whom is hardest to love, needs it most."


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