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      Hate that i love you so


it was pathfinder unionwide camping, and I'm in Junior high when i met this guy,actually when i pass by near the auditorium he start calling my name.

and I'm so curius who is that guy.when i go to my friends he start following me, and i was very shy at that very moment.and one of my friends said "thats kent and he wants to make friends with you", and when he came closer, he introduced his self.and after that he wants a shake hands. but i dont like because i dont want him. so he said that if i  will not grab his hands and have a shake hands he will never put his hands down. so i grab his hand and have a shake hands.but suddenly he pull me and i almost hug him! and in that very moment i was so very angry. after that we met again in the cafeteria, he was again calling my name and start teasing me. he always teasing me when i ate in the cafeteria and always pinching me.and i hate it! and my friends notice that everytime i talk to them i always mention his name and what his doing to me, so they also start teasing me. and i really hate it! one time,inside the cafeteria he start following me and he want me to have a conversation with him, and with so much hatred i ignore him. i never new it was the last day that he will talk to me. 3 days have passed he started not to tease me and talk to me. and i realize that i also miss him. and one day, i met him and his newly girlfriend. that time i felt like heaven and earth squized me, and i cant help my tears stop fallin. and i realize that i love him so much. everyday we met but he never notice me, i was so inlove with him.i always cry evertime i saw him and his girlfriend. and i cant help it. and i felt so stupid right now. until now i was crazy inlove with him. the worst is, I'm still hoping that we will be together someday somehow.even if it would never happend,because him and his girlfriend are planning to be engage.and its very painful


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