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      Unable to Move On By Vince T.


It was November the 5th, 2006. I met this really great girl. It could be called Love at first sight. Things we're great, we talked so much, we both feel in love with each other. Shortly after, we were together, living and sharing our lives together, like two inseparable young couples. We shared nothing but the best moments we've ever had. We finally found the meaning of true love and soulmate. Our future was already set, plans already made, we would be there for one another for the rest of our lives. There was never a bad time when we were together. But thing's changed on October 17th 2007, when she was taken away from this world from me. I lost her, to crime and violence, and society's naive stupidity. An apocalypse reigned upon my world since. I've been struggling ever since I no longer had her in my arms. I've failed. Even though it seems like there's still plenty of time ahead of me, my heart and soul has been unwilling to part, to move on. Without much encouragement, without much support, care and understanding, I've been dealing with this on my own and I'm afraid it is getting the better of me. I never understood why this happened to me. The only thing I ever asked for was taken away from me. She's the person that mattered to me the most in the world and she's now no longer here. My heart aches every moment, only remembering my past, losing my future. The pain never ends...

I'll always remember my girl, J.T.

Yours Always,



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