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      A kiss and we were together


hi guys, it's my true story. it's about the time when i used to study in 12 standard. and i got admission in NCA ( National College of fine Arts). At my first day in college i really got bored... but after sometime i just got friendship with a nice group. Where i met Arshad. Arshad was smart, handsome and very rich. on the very first week in college he proposed me. and i said yes..! but his mother was against our marriage. she creates such problems that arshad went away from my life. after two years i met him again. he told me that he's got engaged. i told him that i  felt happy for him. but in the cafe don't know what happened? He suddenly kiss on my lips warmly . it was a kiss that mocked me. i also gave him a warm welcome. after some time we stopped. We were speechless.then i said :"i gotta go". he said that he will drop me. i said OK. in the car he said i still love u Sana, and i wanna marry u. i want to stay with u forever i gradually kissed him and i could feel him passion for me. Next day he come to my home and asked my parents for my hand. they say yes. Arshad's mother interrupted but Arshad left all money just for me. now we got married and he still loves me in the same day. He's a heaven for me. coz i love him and he loves me too.....


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