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      "Young Doomed Love"by KeyJay(nickname)


Im a freshman,and im 15

ive been with this girl for bout a year

and i dont know why but were totally inlove with each other

we had a history before we went out....pretty long story

and we were so happy really happy

but sumthin ruined it.

3 months ago we were caught at campus for sexual act

i know it was stupid and i regreted it

we got suspended for a week

and during the suspension she called twice

the last conversation we had was her telling me that her mom might send her

to a boarding school or something..and she asked me what will i do if that happens I told her that i would wait for her and all that but i told her to let me know before she leaves if she does go to the boarding school

after the suspension there was no trace of her nothing

until now i have no idea where she,how she is and etc...

and the last time we talked was bout january 21st

it slowly tore me apart knowing nothing

i attempted suicide bout 2 weeks ago cause i cnt stand life an longer

but my friends stopped me

I have no idea where she is rumors says that shes in a camp for troubled teens others say that shes in italy studying i dont know what else to believe


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