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      Am i stupid or just scared?...can you tell me PLEASE!!!


well me and my boyfriend been going for about 11 months since April 29th '07.....before we started going out he was the type of guy that cheated on his previous girlfriends....but i liked him so much he was different around me...sooo i gave it a try.... we started going out and i saw that he was changing a whole lot and i was amazed at all the stuff he told me that he loved me and he was glad that he found me.....then school started...and this is where all the pain came..... we started off good....and until i kept having people come up to me and ask me if we broke up and they were always like becuase hes always with this girl flirting and everything...and so i ignored that and i didnt pay much attention to it until i got tired of everything....and ask him and he told me that they never   did anything and that she was his "close" friends...and i did believed that cuz i know he will never ever do anything to me..... so yea i started to  be suspicious and asked him if she liked her and he told me no.... but i know he did...and then finally i got it out of him...he told me yes and i found out that she liked him bak.....was i stoopit to fight for him???? but heres the thing he never wanted to go with her for me cuz he said it wasnt worth it becuase shes not like me and he said that it'll be hard to find a girl like me in the world cuz im da "best" so he stopped liking her....but then more problems came.... am i stoopit for still thinking stuff and still scared ofo it happening again????  but he doesnt talk to her anymore or anything....hes really changed butt my stooopit head keeps missin with me....what can i do to be happy with him fully....thats the one thing thats missin us up... my trust for, hinm.... so what can i do?  



but what really hurts the most was all the stuff he told me that they did...they they talked on the phone and that they talked about going together...and most of all, all the messeages i found on his myspace....saying that he was thinking to brake up with me and telling her she was beautiful and perfect.....


people say that i cant get over it becuase since he is myfirst true love that it still hurts me.....

but i wanna know a way to stop all this stuff running through my head.


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