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It all started back in my 10th grade year i had a class with my boyfriend friend. Okay and his friend was like my brother want to talk to you (which is my boyfriend) want to talk to you but i didn't want no boyfriend at the time neither did i know who he was. So later on that day i was on myspace and a get a message from a boy and it was the boy that wantyed to talk to me . we was just talking on myspace and i told him i wasn't ready to have a boyfrind cause i been in past realtionships where they did me wrong adn i feel  that you may do the same so he was like i'll talk to you in school tommorow and i said okay. so the next day in school he came to my 1rst period and asked for my number i gsve him the wrong number so the next day in school he told me that i gave him the wrong number so i gave him the correct one and so he called me os much to i told my mamma to tell him i wasn't home and that i would call him back so about 9 00 that night i called him back and we started talking and he asked me out told him that all boys are the same and i'm not ready to get into a relationship he threw at me that i'm,not like all them boys but he hang with a boy that talk to alot of girls and he be with  him 24 7 so i knew that wasn't going to work so i told him to give me 2 weeks so i finally said yeah and it was good for like the first 6 or 7 months and now alot of things changing w still together but i think that we need some time apart but then again i love him to death and don't want that cause then i'm gon miss him but alot of things changing from when we first got together. I love him but don't know what to do???? If you have any advice get at me.


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