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      I was so STUPID!!!!


He was new at our high school, and of course he had not made friends yet. One day during our lunch our, I saw him sitting by himself in a nearby bench.My friend and I decided to try and make friends with him. Me being the more outgoing one of the too was the one to start up conversation. Almost as soon as we crossed word a really great chemistry between us took place. Over the next few weeks we were inseparable.We would hang out at lunch,our classes and even before and after school. When valentines day 2008 came, he asked me out and of course i agreed.He was sweet, funny and very understanding.Everything between us was perfect, until i began having some personal problems. I started distancing myself from him and refused to tell him what was wrong. Soon enough i ended up braking up with him.after the first brake up, he said he would wait until i was ready to start a relationship again. The next week, i agreed to go out with him again but i broke up with him once again two days later. We decide to stay friends, but he started changing and things between us were getting worse.  One day, a friend of mine told me that he was talking bad stuff about me. I went out and looked for him. When i spotted him i started lashing out on him. Obviously I hurt him and he left angry leaving me to talk by myself. Later that day i found out that i had misunderstood what my friend told me and that he really wasn't saying bad stuff about me.I felt horrible, i knew i had screwed up. I went home that afternoon and found a new message on Myspace. It was from him. I opened it and read it, he never wanted to talk to me again, not even as a friend. At that moment i knew i had lost him. A great, sweet guy  that had done nothing but care for  me ever since he came into my life. Sometimes i still see him around but he doesn't even turn to look at me.There is this awkward feeling every time i pass him by.I just hope that someday he can forgive me.


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